Telegram replaced WhatsApp

Due to a serious privacy issue with the WhatsApp group, I have decided to exchange it for a Telegram channel, which is much better and safer than WhatsApp:

Join at the link above to be the first to get the most important news about my projects, before I share them on social media. Compared to WhatsApp, other members CANNOT see your phone number or contact you, they won’t even know you’re there, as members are invisible from each other and can’t interact with each other. You’ll just get my posts.

Plus another cool feature: I can do exclusive livestreams directly in the channel! And I promise I will as soon as I have big news to share. Join the channel to not miss any, as social media is hit-and-miss and you don’t always see my posts.

Join even if you support me on, as my Telegram posts will be different. On short: Telegram = top news before they become public, and Patreon = private updates that never become public. In other words, if something big happens, you won’t get it on Patreon, you’ll get it on Telegram, and later, after some days, I will share on Patreon private exclusive insights about the event.

Sorry for the bother if you’ve already joined the WhatsApp group, I just didn’t know how problematic it can be. Please exit and join the Telegram channel instead.

Thank you,