Professional Insights

Adrian Țofei: “My filmmaking method usually consists of working for months or even years on an alternative psychological reality for the actors including myself, partially living in character, so that when we start improvising, I mainly need to record the unfolding events and to make sure the improvisation goes in the right direction. The script mostly consists of plot points. I shoot tens of hours of footage guerrilla style, and then I watch the footage like a documentary filmmaker would and I create the details of the story in post-production during the editing process. This method of filmmaking, combined with the mockumentary / found footage approach, leads to incredibly creative and realistic results in terms of both acting and storytelling, but it’s almost impossible to work in the system this way. Since there’s no traditional script, I have no traditional ways to convince investors and production companies to finance my films, other than the success of my previous works. Therefore I rely on crowdfunding and those who appreciate my films and trust my method.”

Adrian Țofei’s movies Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, We Put the World to Sleep and Pure are part of a planned indie trilogy. All three are radically different from each other, yet together they form a cohesive universe. Be My Cat was anchored in irrational instincts and impulses, We Put the World to Sleep is anchored in the rational mind, and Pure will be anchored in mysteries beyond reason.

Production Insights for Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Production Insights for We Put the World to Sleep

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