Top 100 International Film Festivals

Cannes Film FestivalAdrian Țofei, August 12, 2016

Latest Update: December 2016

Seeing the success of my Top 100 Horror & Fantasy Film Festivals in helping filmmakers around the world, I decided to make a general list as well, for all the international film festivals, regardless of type (useful for my next projects as well).

I did it based on an extensive research, taking into consideration other lists (see below), the opportunities the festivals offer to independent filmmakers (discovering new talents, distribution, publicity, networking, awards, boosting the chances for the Academy Awards and new festivals), the number of years running, their status in the film industry, the location, the hospitality and safety, the size (the number of films selected and the number of audience, press and film industry members attending), their websites and social media, the submission process, the selection process, the communication and other recommendations by people in the film industry.


Top 10 International Film Festivals

  1. Cannes Film Festival / Festival de Cannes – Cannes, France, 69 years – IW10, IW100, R100, FIAPF, AAShort, RShort, TG11, CG-W
  2. Sundance Film Festival – Park City, Utah, US, 39 years – IW10, IW100, R100, AAShort, AAShortDoc, RShort, TG11, CG-USind
  3. Toronto International Film Festival / TIFF – Toronto, Canada, 41 years – IW10, IW100, R100, FIAPF, TG11, WDCan, CG-W
  4. Venice Film Festival / La Biennale di Venezia – Venice, Italy, 73 years – IW10, IW100, R100, FIAPF, AAShort, TG11
  5. Berlin International Film Festival / Berlinale – Berlin, Germany, 66 years – IW10, IW100, R100, MM25, FIAPF, AAShort, TG11, CG-W
  6. Telluride Film Festival – Telluride, Colorado, US, 43 years – IW10, IW100, R100, MM25, TG11, CG-USind
  7. SXSW Film Festival (previously South by Southwest) – Austin, Texas, US, 23 years – IW10, IW100, R100, MM25, AAShort, AAShortDoc, TG11, CG-USind
  8. Tribeca Film Festival – New York City, New York, US, 15 years – IW100, R100, AAShort, AAShortDoc, TG11, CG-USind
  9. Cannes Film Festival’s Critics’ Week / Semaine de la Critique – Cannes, France, 55 years – R100
  10. Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight / Quinzaine des Realisateurs – Cannes, France, 48 years – R100

Top 25 International Film Festivals

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Top 50 International Film Festivals

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Top 100 International Film Festivals

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