Festival Strategy for “We Put the World to Sleep”

Adrian Țofei, May 2021

Updated: June 20, 2021

I’ve created this customised list of festivals & comprehensive festival strategy for my upcoming feature film We Put the World to Sleep, and decided to make it public since it might be useful to fellow filmmakers as well.

The movie, once completed, may fall within the following genres & subgenres: apocalyptic sci-fi, psychological thriller, metaphysical drama, adventure, mystery, antihero film, dark romance, meta-cinema, psychotronic, mumblecore, satire, mockumentary. So if you make similar narrative feature films, this might help with your own festival strategy.

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And don’t hesitate to give me feedback on this! If you have industry knowledge/experience, and you think a certain festival would be great for my movie and should be included or prioritised on this list, or on the contrary, be removed or deprioritised, please let me know! Thanks!

Significance of colourful notes:

  • Sure: I’ll submit the movie for certain, even if no fee waiver is offered (5 festivals)
  • Yes: submit most probably, would be great to be offered a fee waiver though (65 festivals)
  • Maybe: submit if there’s budget left and/or they offer a fee waiver (80 festivals)
  • Cond.: only submit if certain conditions are met, like full fee waiver (176 festivals)
  • N/A: invitation-based festival, does not accept submissions for features (7 festivals)

Other practical notes: 

  • SO: Submissions Open
  • ED: Early Deadline for submissions
  • RD: Regular Deadline for submissions
  • SD: Submissions Deadline
  • FF: Found Footage films premiered (at least 1) or screened (at least 2) in the festival

1st choice for World Premiere (2022):

(in chronological order) (25 festivals)

Award Events:

2nd choice for World Premiere (2023):

(if the movie is not selected by one of the festivals above) (in chronological order) (42 festivals)

For Regional Premieres:

(for premieres at the continental, country, state or city level)

From my top 250 festivals list:

(in alphabetical order)

Other important festivals:

(in alphabetical order) (list under construction)

From my top 50 genre festivals list:

(in alphabetical order)

From my top 100 genre festivals list:

(in alphabetical order)

From my top 150 genre festivals list:

(in alphabetical order)