Real Acting from Alex Essoe in Starry Eyes

Adrian Țofei, February 16, 2015


I’ve just seen the movie Starry Eyes and Alex Essoe​ delivers one of the greatest acting performances ever in a horror film! Her character, also an actress, goes through extreme transformations that are also Alex Essoe’s authentic transformations during filming!

There is one moment when her character needs to impress two casting directors to get a role, falls on the floor in a cathartic crisis and they are really impressed. But you know what? Alexandra Essoe really went through an authentic and extreme psycho-emotional process in those moments, there was no faking or acting and you know this by watching her physical transformations in those moments, like blood instantly flooding her face vessels! That’s an acting moment that every actor dreams of having during filming, when you don’t need to fake, to act, but on the contrary, you need to restrain those powerful impulses that come organically from within you! And you can feel that Alex Essoe contains a lot more than she is doing in those moments and this raises the hair on your back and you understand why those casting directors in the movie are impressed, not because this is the script, but because Alex Essoe created the psychological circumstances that made her to go through an authentic process at the end of which she was genuinely changed at all levels! Congratulations! And also congratulations to the movie’s directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, who I believe had a very important role in creating those circumstances that led Alex to such an incredible performance!

And you can see the same authentic processes happening in lighter scenes also! I will never forget the moments when the actress played by Alex Essoe manifest her instant joy about winning the casting calls! Alex’s joy is real in those moments! Again, no faking, no acting! She grants herself the freedom of being so vulnerable, she really goes through authentic psychological and emotional processes in those seconds during filming, from being a nobody to being somebody in that world of acting within the movie. This way I empathized with her and went through a similar process in front of the screen, I felt similar emotions! And I believe Alex’s authentic efforts and joys in her role will also bring her huge international success in the real world of acting! But without the compromises in the movie, just with a lot of talent and real understanding of the principles of great acting! Every film director should be eager to have Alex Essoe in his movies from now on! Because people can fully empathise with a movie only when they can empathise with the actors in it. And they can fully empathise with the actors in their roles only when they feel that what happens with the actors is real, is not an act!

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