The Monster [one-man-show]


The Monster poster (Romanian)

Genres: black comedy, horror, drama

Starring: Adrian Țofei (playing Adrian Verdeș)

Directed & produced by: Adrian Țofei

Script by: Adrian Țofei, inspired by real events and works by Raeesa Aniff and Jonathan Caouette

Plot: Adrian Verdeș has serious problems with himself, with insects, with his sister, with his sister’s cat, with his grandfather, with Julia – the classmate he fell in love with in the first grade, with a new Julia – the actress he fell in love with during college, with Facebook, with psychiatric hospitals and with a committee made of… this show’s audience!

Runtime: 45 minutes

Awards & Festivals:

  • 2nd in the audience’s choice at 2012 HOP Young Actor’s Gala in Mangalia, Romania;
  • official selection at 2013 Iași Fringe Festival in Romania;
  • official selection at 2012 UNIDRAMA Festival in Tg. Mureș, Romania;
  • official selection at 2012 Bucharest Fringe Independent Theatre Marathon;
  • official selection at 2012 Galați National Comedy Festival in Romania.

Review by Valentin Covaciu on zi-de-zi.roAdrian Țofei, in addition to writing a very good text, insanely good, he created a role with millimetric accuracy. Precise, thorough, he used his acting skills at a maximum potential in a show where, starting from simple signs and gestures, easily recognisable, he made an admirable psycho with whom he went through a multitude of registers in a unitary and coherent way.

Venues where it played in Romania in 2011-2013: Arts Concept Cafe (October 27, 2011, preview), Luni Theater from Green Hours, În Culise Theater, The Artist Studio, Fani Tardini Dramatic Theater, Play Theater-Cafe, The Office Club, Legere Live, The Blu’zz, Ch’artist Studio Store, Big Mamou, Castel Pub, HOP Young Actor’s Gala, Orange Concept Store, Rădăuți House of Culture, Casa Luca, Orso Bruno 2, La Lac, Arte Bar and Kiddo Cafe.

Photos & Videos:

Adrian Tofei in The Monster at UNIDRAMA Festival, 2012

Adrian Tofei in The Monster at the HOP Young Actor's Gala 2012

Adrian Tofei in The Monster at the HOP Young Actor's Gala 2012

Adrian Tofei in The Monster at the HOP Young Actor's Gala 2012    Adrian Tofei at HOP Young Actor's Gala 2010

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