Blood Alcohol


Blood Alcohol poster (Romanian)

Genre: Comedy-Drama

Starring: Adina Elena Tășchină (as Ioana), Alexandra Florina Păun (as Melissa), Ana Maria Bălescu (as Tina)

Directed by: Adrian Țofei

Adapted from The Ninth Step by Tom Ziegler

Ioana, Melissa and Tina struggle to achieve their objectives in order to be happy, but each one’s objective is an obstacle to the others happiness and the situation gets out of control.

Runtime: 70 minutes

It premiered on March 28, 2012 and was played in Bucharest in 2012 and 2013 at Backstage Theatre, The Artist Studio, Castel Pub, În Pod la Historia and Sound Lounge Club.

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Blood AlcoholBlood AlcoholBlood Alcohol

Blood Alcohol alternative poster (Romanian)

Blood Alcohol

Blood AlcoholBlood AlcoholBlood AlcoholBlood Alcohol