Top 100 Horror & Fantasy Film Festivals [2018 Update]

Adrian Țofei, January 28, 2015

Latest Update:  April 17, 2018

While researching film festivals to submit my movie Be My Cat: A  Film for Anne, I decided to make a public list to be useful to fellow filmmakers as well. It’s now reaching almost 5,000 Facebook shares and 1,000 monthly visitors. I am constantly researching festivals and updating the list, taking into consideration all the other lists available (see below), the opportunities the festivals offer to indie filmmakers, the quality and number of films selected in previous years, the number of years running, their status in the film industry, the location, communication, hospitality and safety, the quality of the information on their websites and social media, the entry fee, submission process and selection process, the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers and other recommendations by people in the film industry. I only included international genre film festivals. For all the festivals, regardless of type, check out my Top 100 International Film Festivals.

Contact me if you’d like to have submission links, deadlines and dates listed for your festival. Also, contact me if you think I missed any festival. Suggestions from both filmmakers and festivals are welcomed. Before starting the top 100, here are the lists that helped me make mine, with codes to identify in which lists each festival is mentioned:


Top 10 Horror & Fantasy Film Festivals:

  1. Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival – Sitges, Catalonia/Spain, 51st year in 2018 – RHoFa7, AfEFFFF, R100, FIAPF, MMGenre15, MMHoFa, MM25, HR20
  2. Fantasia International Film Festival – Montreal, Canada, 22nd year in 2018 – RHoFa20, SuEFFFF, R100, IW100, MMGenre15, MMHoFa, MM50, MM25, nomMMHoSF5, HR20
  3. Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival / BIFFF – Brussels, Belgium, 36th year in 2018 – RHoFa7, AfEFFFF, FIAPF, MMHoFa, HR20
  4. Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / BiFan (formerly Puchon / PiFan) – Bucheon, South Korea, 22nd year in 2018 – RHoFa7, SuEFFFF, R100, MMGenre15, MMHoFa
  5. Fantastic Fest – Austin, Texas, US, 14th year in 2018 – RHoFa20, SuEFFFF, R100, IW100, MMGenre15, MMHoFa, MMHoSF5, MM25, HR20
  6. FrightFest – London, UK, 19th year in 2018 – RHoFa7, foEFFFF, MMGenre15, MMHoFa, HR20
  7. Screamfest Horror Film Festival – Los Angeles, California, US, 18th year in 2018 – RHoFa7, SuEFFFF, MMHo13, HR20
  8. Fantasporto International Film Festival – Porto, Portugal, 38th year in 2018 – RHoFa7, foEFFFF, HR20
  9. Toronto After Dark Film Festival – Toronto, Canada, 13th year in 2018 – RHoFa7, MMHo13, HR20
  10. A Night of Horror International Film Festival – Sydney, Australia, 12th year in 2018 – RHoFa20

Top 25 Horror & Fantasy Film Festivals:

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Top 50 Horror & Fantasy Film Festivals:

(in alphabetical order from 26 to 50)

Top 100 Horror & Fantasy Film Festivals

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Other Notable Horror & Fantasy Fests:

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(I’m in the process of adding more festivals in this section)