Your Questions for the Q&A Video

Hi, everyone,

Go to this facebook post or to this tweet on my official pages and leave in the comments or reply to the tweet with all the questions and curiosities you have about me and all my projects, even those you expressed in the past!

Next week I’ll finally make the promised Q&A Video and give you all detailed answers. 🙂

Even if you already asked me things before in different places on the internet, please repeat your questions to have them all together, because it’s impossible for me to recheck everything I got over the years on facebook, youtube, twitter, website, email etc. I tried to write answers to all of you, but most of the times on short because of being too busy, and even if you got a detailed answer, I’d love to repeat it in the video for others as well, who might wonder about the same things but didn’t dare to ask.

Don’t forget to follow my facebook and/or twitter pages to make sure you get the video next week, plus other future videos I will make, answering to even more questions on different topics.