Two DVD releases of Be My Cat on the way!

Great news about Be My Cat: A Film for Anne’s new DVD releases! Yes, there’s going to be two of them, and quite different from each other:

– a self-release I am doing via Amazon, which will feature the current creepy poster by Terror Films (I’m grateful they allowed me to use it), improved sound compared to the DVD release from years ago, 12 minutes of never-before-seen extra scenes (which you can already watch exclusively on Patreon), and English closed captions.

– a luxury limited edition release by TetroVideo with Italian and French subtitles, special case, the never-before-seen extra scenes, cards, original trailer, possibly other extras, and, most importantly, with a new poster artwork made by their own artist! I believe this luxury edition will also have a physical poster included. Check out the draft poster art below made by Shin Nagai. I love it! The fact that they’re using Anne Hathaway’s real face makes it dangerous, obsessive and crazy just like most people consider the movie to be and its main character! As if the DVD actively continues his work of trying to connect with her, LOL.


The Blu-ray self-release will have to wait a bit more, I don’t know how much, Amazon still didn’t clearly explain what’s wrong with the file I submitted. But everything is good with the DVD releases, they’re going to be available very very soon!

P.S. I’ve been asked if the TetroVideo luxury release will also have English closed captions included – it will most probably, but I don’t know all the details yet.