We Put the World to Sleep

I have just finished shooting the absolute last scene of my upcoming apocalyptic feature film We Put the World to Sleep! 🥳

I’ve been working on this movie since 2015, so almost 7 years in the making, shot in 12 cities spread over 3 countries (Turkey, Romania, Ukraine), tons of obstacles and setbacks but also great new ideas popping after every session of shootings. All in all, this has been the most difficult and ambitious project I ever did.

I wanna thank the incredibly talented cast, Duru Yücel-Țofei, Erisse Peterson, Andreea Enciu and Danha Yunes, the wonderful executive and associate producers Duru Yücel-Țofei, Danha Yunes, Jay Sorensen, Ada Taylor Hart, Ricky Chen, Teresa Bailey Campbell, Eli Griffen, Denis Ariel, Marcel (anonymous), Sarp Onat Yücel, Jacob Hair, Naomi Goff, Mladen Adamovic, Ben MacCormack, Brian Trevor Jones, Mine Yucel and Haydar Yucel, as well all my great Patreon supporters listed on the movie’s website and IMDb!